Introducing Spotlight

Located in the heart of our two new concept stores in Toronto, Ontario and Kirkland, Quebec, Spotlight is a place where individuals and organizations can gather to work, learn and grow, together

Stay up to date on today’s big ideas

Stay up to date on today’s big ideas

We are proud to offer a full calendar of events with a variety of different speakers, sessions and workshops that are all open to the public, at no cost.

Free to attend

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    The Spotlight Speaker Series will connect communities with knowledgeable experts who will provide information as well as inspiration. Check out innovative product demonstrations and networking events, plus create new, meaningful business relationships.

    VR Empathy: How immersive tech is telling stories in a new way

    April 15, 2019, 6:00 PM

    Take the opportunity to experience the power of VR Empathy and learn from the one of Toronto's leading VR experts, Jonah Brotman, co-founder and CEO of House of VR.

    The Creative Process by Sunday School

    April 16, 2019, 6:00 PM

    Learn about the 4-stage process they have developed to create compelling, visually stunning and viral content.

    Clearing Spaces: Collaborative & Meditative Drawing with the Broadbent Sisters

    April 17, 2019, 6:00 PM

    Learn about the Broadbent Sisters 'Clearing Spaces' process, with a presentation, guided meditation and tarot card readings using our very own art deck.

    Make the most out of your experience

    A state-of-the-art event experience for you and your audience. Work, learn and grow with us by booking this interactive space.

    Capacity of up to 60 people *

    With our stadium seating, allow your audience to see an unobstructed view of your events. *Capacity varies by location.

    Audio and visual capabilities

    With the state of the art audio and visual capabilities to compliment your event needs.

    Unlimited Wi-Fi

    We’ve got fast and free internet to keep you connected and productive.

    Innovative spaces, tools, and events

    Experience state-of-the-art rooms, upgraded project tools, and regular community events.

    Access to experts and on-site staff

    Our Community Manager and Associates are available and dedicated to supporting you with any of your needs.

    Your one-stop shop

    Enjoy the Staples store experience that you know and love by perusing our aisles.

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